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Pictures from previous event, RedBull X-Fighters. More on my facebook.







I love my bagedil & bagedil love me. πŸ˜€


I love my hott boy and hott boy love me.


I have been rotting my ass at home for the weekend because the boy don’t want to go out with me. Haha, okay no, he would never do that.Β  He has to work and visit his grandfather at the hospital. Been watching Hindi movies to get me out of boredom. Best tau tak. Da byk kali tgk pon tetap nangis jugak okay. πŸ˜›

ANIS. anisah


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  1. Aishah said,

    Beb tat time ku tukar kn dh blang. Haha..
    Tak ni kali tukar psl important reason. Takot orang keje tau my blog cos previously i show them my design thru my blog.Its a personal thing so yeah…

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