Shopping + Wedding + Birthday

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Friday, 03.04.09

Went shopping with Apek, bought myself a dress and 2 T-Shirt from fourskin and Apek bought himself a sleeveless puffer and was very satisfied. Haha. Then, walked all the way to Bugis, explore the new mall besides Bugis Street. Apek bought for me this cute lip balm, for $7.20. I wanted the A&W Root Beer flavour, but I think Strawberry’s nicer. & I think he likes it when I put it on his lips. Haha.




The next day, was Papa birthday and my Aunt’s wedding. The nikah was at home and the celebration was at Bali Thai, celebrated Papa’s birthday too. Eat fuckin lot till bloated. There was a total of 50 people, and my aunt paid $2000++ for the foods. After that, Apek and myself walked to my house area where Hisham and Shah waited for us, to just sit around. The heels are killing me, I swear.




ANIS. anisah


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  1. Aishah Omar said,

    Hello… oh that FRiday terserempak.. Miss you lah beb..
    Like long time never see you

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