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5 years ago, who was this boy? I didn’t even know he existed, even though his class was 10 steps away from mine. I didn’t even know him until he was with her. I never once spoke to him even though we’re from the same CCA. We’re strangers, never once did I lay my eyes on him. & so, rumours spread that this boy here was no longer with her, and by being normal like others, I just listened to the rumours. So that was it, they’re no longer together and life was back to normal. And so, a few months after that, in August, it strike. I have no idea why, and don’t even know what’s my motive, I jumped and touch his hair. Random? VERY. And that was when he wanted revenged, and did pulled my hair. After that incident, both of us felt something, we don’t know what is it but we surely do feel something. And the flirting began, well, he started it first. LOL. 15.09.04, my birthday, he had asked me out wanting to buy me a present. So called a date, but he brought along Saifuddin. Hahaha. 3 months after that, he asked me to spent my life with him.

Why I even blog about this? Mainly because I’ll die out of boredom, and the lifeguard doesn’t want me to come over to the club because his flirty ‘friend’ is there, and he’s scared that flirty ‘friend’ will cause problems. Haha. He’s cute when he’s jealous. Syg Anis.

And I even got the boy today, on April’s Fool. Haha. He really fell for it. Sorry Syg, but it’s April’s Fool! Haha.

He’s wonderful, he’s the best, eventhough he’s not like Edward Cullen. 😛



  1. abg apexx said,

    heheh..rindu i ek..i syg u!! and hun..wat a kiut ting 2 write abt..the past..heheh..4 YEARS BABE!!! hehehe I LOVE YOU!! muah!!!

    • ikillplankton said,

      Haha, tebiat. I love you MORE, bagedil! 😛

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