51 Months

Posted in 1 at 11:46 pm by ikillplankton

Happy 4years 3months Anniversary, ANIS-AH!


Was out with the love earlier today. Had early dinner at Pastamania and thought of watching a movie but all the movies are kinda dull, except for the one that love wants to watch, Coming Soon. It’s a ghost story. I rejected his plan of watching that movie because I have promised myself never to watch a ghost movie in the cinema anymore. Ha Ha. I get scared easily, even the slightest little thing. LOL. And what more, I heard that this Coming Soon movie, the scene is also at a cinema where the ghost will appear I guess. Sape tak takot oi!


Anis, you’re the bestest thing that ever happened to me. I love you bagedil!


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  1. Syasya said,

    eh aku da tgnk coming soon. haha.
    not bad ah citer dier. tak seram sangat. 🙂

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