Don’t leave me..please

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You’re one of the most I treasured alot in my life. I can’t bear to see if one day you’re gone. You’ve given me so much love right from the moment I enter this world. You’re my favourite person among all. You’ve given me everything I want as a child; sweets, toys, tamaguchi, sweets, gameboy, money, bicycle! and more sweets. And dad always scold you whenever you bought for me these stuffs. You never had a grandchild before, and I’m your first, and that’s why you’ve given me so much love, even more than any of my siblings. I enjoyed and miss the days when I came and have a sleepover at your house when June holidays came. And thats the only time I can go to East Coast Park everyday because it was just a bridge away. I miss everything we did when I was a child.

Grandfather, I miss you. Now, he’s being treated in the hospital. He fell right before he entered the toilet, and fainted for quite a long time before he suddenly realised he had fainted. And mind you, he was alone at home at that point of time! Vomited alot of blood.

I still remember what he said to me and Nabilah(my so called last little cousin before Haziq was adopted) while he was lying on the hospital bed, “tok gembira dua2 cucu kesayangan tok ader kat sebelah tok sini”. That actually made my eyes swelled up. Nabilah is still small so probably she didnt quite understand.


I love you. Get well soon okay.


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  1. idahsen said,

    May your grandpa get well soon. =(

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