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Playing games on facebook has become my new addiction. Don’t blame me if this blog become dusty one day, blame the games because it’s so addictive. Oh, and Counter Strike too! Luckily I have it installed in my laptop. Haha. Zaman biler maseh main Counter Strike?

Okay bye! I’m off to gym!

ANIS. anisah

*EDITED, 9:31pm*

I’m back from gym. Thought of swimming too, but nahhh, too tired already.

Yes, finally after weeks of searching for the perfect shoes, now i have finally found it. Thanks baby for the shoes! I love you very much.


I’ve applied for my Higher Nitec course, and the result is out. Been posted to a nearer school, yeah! No more long journey in the bus every morning. I’ve applied for some courses in Poly as well, now i just have to wait till 5th of March for the results.

ANIS. anisah


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  1. DEE said,

    OMGGGGGGGGG! I miss you so much! Please, please, please link me and meet-up with me soon! You were supposed to be out with me 3wks ago 😦

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