i love my gundus

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I was out with Mr Lifeguard earlier, accompanied him for his revision. Then met the other mates at my house area, and have a chit chat session. I went home around 1030pm, and the other 3 angels went off to airport, to fetch Faddilah home.

Mr Lifeguard; Apek; Anis


Samdol; Wak Jawa; WISMILAK(wth? haha); Hisham


Afro; Nofiz; NorHafiz


When i look at these boys, i thought to myself, how big they’ve grown. When i first saw them, they were those cute little Sec 1s with huge school uniforms. Years passed and being their classmate was an awesome journey. Now, look, they already own a bike! Secondary Sch mates are the ones who would stay truthful, and not go separate ways eventhough we’ve gone to different schools. I love these gundus!


No matter how crazy they get, i still love my friends.


ANIS. anisah


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