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Happy 49months Anniversary, ANIS-AH!

I love you so much, Mr Lifeguard. Only you know how i feel in times like this. Only you can cheer me up. Thanks for the advices, thanks for everything, love.

& MUMMY, I know im not a good daughter to you. Always create troubles, make you cry and some other stuffs. I’m trying my best to change for the better, and i hope you realise it. Just give me time. I know both of us are hot headed, and neither of us wants to approach each other. It’s okay if you dont want to talk to me. I’m sorry for what had happened. I love you.

I’m in love, with Barrack Obama! Haha. With him as the new President of the U.S, i hope a change will happen. I didn’t watch the inauguration speech he gave, but i got tears in my eyes as i flipped through the pictures in a website. A change will happen. Congratulations Obama! He’s hott by the way. LOL.


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  1. 'SHACUTE™ said,

    Hello. Have You Been To Henderson Wave Or Marina Barrage? If Yes, Please Share With Me Your Experience Being To These Two Places. Reply At My Tag Board, Yeah? Thanks (:

    & Happy Belated Anniversary To You & Mr. Lifeguard. HEH! 😀

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