Posted in 1 at 2:48 pm by ikillplankton

Sorry Fifi, I didnt know it was you. I was kinda frustrated about all these things. Sorry yeah? I’ve added you in MSN, come online soon okay?




  1. 'SHACUTE™ said,

    GOSH! I Know Exactly How You Felt.

    I Am Experiencing The Same Thing Too. For Now, I’ve 3 Unknown Urls. It’s So Irritating To The Max. Worst Still, They Got No Guts To Tag Us; Are We That Fierce That We Might Eat Them Alive If We Knew Who They Are? HAHAH! 😀

  2. fifi here (: said,

    hie shasha. it’s me darl. that url: http://unwanted-funkadeliclayd.blogspot.com/ belongs to me. i’m nurul syafiqa from bedok town. i’m known as fifi. we used to be team mates in ncc courses.

    veiw me at friendster if you want to know who i am. i’m sorry i veiwed you secretly. but i love reading your blog.

    friendster: fifi_125@hotmail.com


  3. fifi here (: said,

    it’s okay shasha. i’m not mad at all.
    😀 takecare pretty head.

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