What’s left?

Posted in 1 at 3:57 pm by ikillplankton

Mundane. Mundane. Mundane. In other words, it was a boring day and i feel so fucked up.

  1. I have to wake up super duper early, just to go to ICA building to collect my new passport, because mom, as her usual self being extra kiasu, thought that the building will be super crowded and had to wait for long hours for our queue number to be called. But luckily Mr Lifeguard was there. So, am still good.
  2. Mr Lifeguard and myself wanted to go separate ways from the others to have breakfast at Bugis MACD and also to get me something and to have a time on our own, but mom, being her usual self again, force me to follow her to Bras Basah to have breakfast there. I feel unhappy this time, eventhough Mr Lifeguard was there to make me smile.
  3. The PUMA shoe that i really badly depressed-ly want, is out of stock. URGH!

So, Mr Lifeguard, i am truly sorry for being so grouchy for a little while just now. But thanks for the ice kacang, it made me happy. wth?

I love you veryVERY much, Mr Lifeguard.

ANIS. anisah


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