Happy 2009!

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Happy 2009, people!


Went out for countdown at D’Marquee yesterday, with them boys. I swear i won’t go there anymore for 2010 countdown. Alot of YP who drank and got drunk, & they stink real bad. They’re not even 18! What’s so great about drinking? Be it beer or alcohol or liquor. They just wants to show off. And this also goes to those teenagers above 18. What’s there to show? You mean it’s cool to drink? Show off. Anyway, i had fun dancing with Mr Lifeguard, spending time together at Pasir Ris Park till the wee hours, and got back only at 3am.

And today, Mr Lifeguard may be coming over to have some movie marathon. Okay bye.

I love you, Mr Lifeguard.


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  1. Aishah said,

    Happy New Year Mrs Anis..hees..stupid qn: D’Marquee tuhh kat maner ehh?(:

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