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I’m really sick and tired of moms’ naggings. Everday, without fail. Who can take it? Tell me. Even just about the slightest, littlest things. Freakin bored with this already. Everything or whatever things laying around the house, the blame will be on my siblings and me. Even if it was her things. Purposely leave the things there the whole night to see if we clean it up. Why can’t you do it yourself on the spot? You will find every small little mistakes to scold us, even if it was your mistakes. And when you know it’s your fault, you’ll pretend to know nuts about it and still want to win the war. Your reason, tired. We know you’re working, supporting all three kids. But do you ever think about us? We’re probably tired too, but you won’t give a single damn thing about it. You only care about what you feel, what about us?

Oh, i’m sure you have something to say if you read this. Like i said, you always wants to win the war.


I’m still going Twilight-crazy, after watching it about 4-5 times. Movie, online & dvd. & also going gaga over Pattinson.

Peter Facinelli looks young to be a father of the Cullens family.





I was at JB the past few days, family gathering. Pictures will be up as soon as soon as i get hold of all the pictures from other cameras.

ANIS. anisah


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  1. idahsen said,

    Wei! me too go search online, images,etc ,youtube all abt twilight. n view their pichas one by one. haha! gilerkan twilight sgt!
    missss u! n hawt twilight pichas u got there. make me wanna watch it agn !

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