4 years baby!

Posted in 1 at 1:59 am by ikillplankton

Happy 4 years Anniversary, Anis-ah!


Time flies real fast, and it’s already our 4th year being together. No, not being proud but happy. I’m happy to have shared my love with Anis. I’m happy to be leading my life with Anis. Despite the ups and downs, we went through thick and thin together.

I have always love him from day one. Whatever shits happened, it will always be Anis whom i love at the end of the day.

The first time i disturbed your hair, i felt different. The first time you winked at me, i felt different. The first time you held my hands, i felt different too. It’s the feeling of not wanting to ever let you go. To think what we have gone through, be it good times or bad times, it’s all wonderful. Our love is a wonderful place to be. Your laughter, your smiles, your smell, makes me feel safe.

& to those who have NO rights to say anything about our relationship, FUCK y’all!

Imma keep watching Avatar tonight, it’s so addictive.


  1. 'SHACUTE™ said,

    Happy 4th Anniversary To The Both Of You. May God Bless Your Relationship And Shower You With Love And Happiness! Insya-Allah. Take Care, Girlfriend (:

  2. IDAHSEN said,


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