Synyster Gates.. ahhhh *melts*

Posted in 1 at 12:02 am by ikillplankton


This boy, i miss a lot. A week of not meeting each other can make me go crazy, really.


And also to this bunch of idiots. I miss y’all.

& to the father of all sheeps(you know who you are), I HATE YOU TOO! You kambing. Lucky thing i’ve graduated, if not i’ll get a phoebia to even step in the school. And you better give me my 25% discount. Kalau tak, kene korban. SHEEP.

&& Jason Mraz and John Abraham makes me drooool. Oh, and SYNYSTER GATES too! Go away Hafeez, Syn is mine!


  1. Wan Kukuhead said,

    Eeee No Shame Want Discount Jekk!! BLUEKK!!

    YOU DWARF!!!!!!

  2. AnnaLolli said,

    You are in the same boat as me… Missing boify and it feels soo sucks……….

  3. Wan Kukuhead;
    I am never going to talk to you again. You sheep.

    How abt me?
    Miss me not?

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