Standard Chartered

Posted in 1 at 9:54 pm by ikillplankton


Everyone were busy running, sweating, panting but, this boy here, busy running, sweating & posing? Haha. Cuuute!


& Rahimah, aka roti kaya girl, called me an AH LIAN? How dare she call me that? haha.

&& HAFEEZ KHAN stole MY Synyster Gates! Again, how dare he did that!



  1. feez said,

    anis kekek sia!haha…ahh yes synyster gates. *melts*

  2. idahsen said,

    Klakar uh anis. cartoon. sempat btol. haha

  3. Syasya said,

    haha. sape amek ni gambar ? kau amek ?

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