Quick hair, grow!

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I MISS MY OLD HAIR LAAA! Quick hair, grow!


Baby and myself made a deal. That is, not to meet each other for the whole of next week due to his term test. Please anyone, slap me for agreeing, because i know deep down inside me, i strongly disagree with that idea of his. And baby knows that too. Why? Because i’ll miss him so much.

Anis: I know how you feel. What u feel, I feel it too. I tau u tak nak tinggal jauh dari i. I tau u kalau boleh nak i tinggal sebelah rumah u. Kalau boleh, u nak pecah kan tembok atau dig a hole from your wall to my wardrobe, just to see me. Or you don’t even want to have a wall so that whatever I do or whatever you do, you know I’m always there for you to lookout. I know you always want me by your side, everyday, every single second.

“A great journey is the distance between two people” – You, Me aur Hum

Somehow, I feel that we will manage. Insyaallah.

& Shah Rukh Khan is a ‘datuk’ in Malaysia? Okayyyy. So the wife must be a datin..



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