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Posted in 1 at 12:35 pm by ikillplankton

I have decided to close down my previous blog, mainly because i got bored of blogger. Nothing new, nothing interesting. At least this wordpress have something to venture and explore. Well, thanks NENEK!

Back to my life. My final presentation is OVER. Like finally! I’m left with my portfolio presentation, which is less stress and after that, I’m DONE WITH SCHOOL! I can’t wait to leave that school. Like i said, i won’t miss my ITE life, i won’t miss my classmates except for my TND members. Once i leave that school, the memories being in there will be deleted. Yes uh, like finally.. no more B3-01, no more B4-02, no more canteen, no more KENNE CHEONG a.k.a babi penyet! But i’ll surely miss StudiOne, the room where i spent all night till nearly 11pm just to do my project. Can u imagine? At Bishan, in ITE College Central Bishan, in StudiOne, till 11pm. Oh wells, nevermind about that.

Loveydovey will be coming over later on because he bought me some food, or else i’ll die out of hunger. Okay, no.

& don’t forget to leave a comment ok? lol. tak tau malu..


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  1. honeysss said,

    oi nenek! saper yg nenek ni?!?!?! kau kan….hahahahaha!!!! anyways, np ay….anytime aite OLD nenek!!!;)

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